Expand Your Practice

More Than Massage

Are you an LMT searching for ways to expand your massage practice?

Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center offers FasciAshi barefoot massage classes and so much more – our highly experienced, passionate instructors teach you exciting and fun ways to grow your business with purpose and organization, save yourself from injury, and how to discover spiritual and personal growth while helping clients with the same.

Add Massage Variety

You may feel like you’re out of ideas to grow your massage business. We're here to give you new options and incredible opportunity with barefoot massagepregnancy massagePillossage™, and so much more.

Midwest Massage Therapy owner, Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB, has years of training and success with FasciAshi, pregnancy massage, and Pillossage, and wants to share her unique blended techniques and knowledge with you. It will expand your options beyond your imagination!


Full Support of LMTs

By learning alternative, leading-edge massage therapies at Midwest Massage Therapy, you can elevate your massage practice to new heights and not have to do it alone. We offer our full support along the way while you learn barefoot massage and our other exciting massage techniques. We also guide you with marketing help and business coaching as you introduce FasciAshi into your practice.

In fact, as a graduate of our training center, you have to opportunity for a paid internship and possible employment as a barefoot massage therapist. We sincerely want you to succeed and live the life of your dreams!

Business Coaching

Not only do we offer massage therapies that will set you apart from other LMTs – barefoot massage or FasciAshi, pregnancy massage (no feet), and Pillossage – owner Sara Newberry, who also owns Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy, offers business coaching that has proven results from her own highly successful barefoot massage practice.

Expand Your Practice

Has your massage practice stalled? Does spending money on training feel like a luxury that you can’t afford? Honing your craft, developing spiritually and personally, and the willingness to expand your massage practice will keep clients coming back for more. And hands-free barefoot massage can be blended with your current hands-on modalities to help save your upper extremities and back so you can stay in practice longer.

Once you’ve completed our classes, which fulfill CEUs, your newfound business growth and the ability to stay in your LMT career longer will be a huge return on your investment spiritually and financially.

Fall in Love With Ashiatsu

Once you take our classes, we know you will fall in love with barefoot massage and have new energy for your craft. And, with Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center offering business coaching and internship and employment opportunities for our graduates, the possibilities are endless!


Sign Up Today

We know how hard you work – you deserve to add to your skillset and have the care and support you need to grow your business.

Check out our class calendar for times and CEUs and sign up for your barefoot massage class today as class sizes are limited. Be ready to feel inspired!