Hot Ashi

Hot Ashi - The Barefoot Version of Pillossage

We know how hard you work to give your clients the deep tissue massages they request. And most of them are asking for deeper work that wreaks havoc on your hands and wrists.

Learning Pillossage™ at Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center adds another really effective, gentle deep tissue massage therapy that can be used alone or in conjunction with other massage techniques. And it alleviates the stress on your hands, wrists, and back by making successful deep therapy less physical.

Why Hot Ashi?

As an experienced LMT, you already know that heat is soothing and brings your clients into a relaxed state. And you've probably tried hot stones but found that treatment has many limitations and can be a lot of work.

Thermal therapy with heated flax and herbal pillows, or Pillossage, during massage is simple and highly effective over a larger surface area. Because you’re working through the warm, soothing pillows, your client will receive a smooth, deep pressured massage and be warm and relaxed where they need it most.

Pain Reduction With Thermal Therapy

Pillossage not only has tremendous client benefits, it also decreases the strain and injury to your hands, wrists, and back by making stubborn areas that require deep pressure easier to treat. When you’re working with heat, you’re working smarter, not harder.

Pillossage can be integrated into any massage treatment to offer relief to clients in chronic pain, with high levels of stress, and those who suffer from physical limitations. Once you learn Pillossage, you’ll want to incorporate it into every massage just for the sheer relaxation and effectiveness of the end results.

What You Will Learn

In Pillossage class, you will learn the latest research on thermal therapy and its benefits and how to apply slow, rhythmic, movements and directed compression that gently yet effectively gets down to where the deepest pain resides. This is done without the traditional hard pushing that causes a guarding or a spasm response in tender areas or those areas with chronic pain.

You will also learn how to help the client continue with self-care after the session. Helping clients promote healing beyond the massage table is a value-added benefit that will keep them coming back for more while enhancing their quality of life. After all, that’s why we do what we do!

  • Pillossage and the science of thermal therapy
  • How to work through/with heat
  • Skin-to-brain science
  • Painless approaches to deep tissue
  • Focused therapy to increase range of motion
  • Self-care techniques for therapist/clients
  • How to market this service
Benefits to Your Practice

From our Pillossage class, you’ll walk away knowing the scientific evidence that's building in favor of thermal therapy for pain treatment. You'll also have a new full-body treatment option for your practice along with ways to market this work to your clients and the confidence to use the pillows effectively.

  • Increase your client base
  • More sessions from current client base
  • Effective therapy for chronic sufferers
  • Additional therapy/service for your practice
  • Comfort and relief clients will never forget
  • Lessen the strain on your body
  • More revenue
About Our Pillossage Class

Your instructor, Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB, is the founder of Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center and has her own success with Pillossage in her barefoot massage practice. She was trained directly by the inventors of Pillossage and adds her own teachings based on experience. She knows the ins-and-outs and the little secrets that make this technique a must-have in your practice.

"By taking this class, you will be on the leading edge of the latest research that heat therapy instead of ice for injuries and inflammation may be more beneficial. Give your clients the best possible chance to have all of their needs met and feel amazing when they leave your practice."


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