LMT Continuing Education Classes

Transform Your Career

As an LMT, do feel like you're out of options to add new services to your practice and bring in more revenue? Are you feeling the strain on your hands, wrists, and back from years of deep tissue massage?

Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center is here to save your hands, wrists, and back from injury and help you transform your career with our unique continuing education classes that you won't get anywhere else.  Our exciting, life-changing, hands-free barefoot massage classes will give you a new passion for your craft!

LMT Continuing Education Classes

Add years to your practice and grow your business with our one-of-a-kind continuing education classes. Our caring, highly experienced instructors are here to show you how. By learning barefoot massage or FasciAshi, Pillossage™, pregnancy massageAsian Theory, and the complementary marketing and business skills, you can provide a client experience like none other and grow your practice beyond your imagination. We know you can do it and we’re here to help every step of the way.


Classes Unique to Our Training Center

At Midwest Massage Therapy, you will enjoy learning from instructors who are also in private practice and have years of Eastern massage experience. We're not simply teaching from a book – our classes are fun, intuitive, creative, and full of in-depth information that comes from our own experiences, successes, and results-based research.

Though you can learn barefoot massage or Pillossage elsewhere, you will not get the same information and advantages that you will get from our classes. They are completely proprietary to Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center and our barefoot massage school affiliate, Center for Barefoot Massage. We are leading the industry in research and combining deep therapeutic work with relaxing spa-like sessions.

Current Class Offerings

These very specific courses are truly one-of-a-kind and priceless to the future of your practice. Please see the schedule for class pricing and CEUs and know that you will get a return on your investment physically, spiritually, and financially.

What You Will Learn

In all of our classes, you will learn specialized techniques, body mechanics, theory, science, anatomy, and results-based proven research. In FasciAshi classes, you'll learn how to blend barefoot massage into your current techniques and use your feet with intent to handle trauma, emotional and spiritual growth, and ways in which you can empower your clients to live to their fullest potential. You will also have the confidence and tools to market your new services and manage your practice growth.

You will graduate empowered to truly help your clients' bodies begin to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually and add profitable years to your LMT career.

Quick Return on Your Investment

There are two things we see all the time with LMTs:

  1. You have a hard time justifying investing in yourself, especially if your practice isn't growing at the rate you wish it would.
  2. Deep tissue massage wreaks havoc on your hands, wrists, and back, and affects the profitability of your practice.

What if we told you that investing in yourself by taking our classes will pay off pretty fast and for the entire length of your career? And what if we teach you how to stop the pain and injury to your body from years of deep tissue work and give your clients an even deeper, more relaxing massage that gets better results? All of this is true and it starts with you right here. Benefits for you. Benefits for your clients. Right away.

Get Your CEUs Now

We want to see you have long, happy, successful career while helping clients heal and live better lives through barefoot massage or “FasciAshi,” and our other one-of-a-kind courses. Get excited about your practice again and find the confidence to explore and grow.

View our class calendar and be sure to sign up today. Class sizes are limited. We can’t wait to meet you!