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Do you struggle with the business side of being a licensed massage therapist? Maybe you have your own practice or you're trying to build a clientele – it can be stressful and take a long time to be profitable. That's why we offer Practice Growth Coaching with Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center owner Sara Newberry, LMT. She will mentor you and help you grow with purpose and consistency, providing caring support on your journey.

A Little History

Sara learned barefoot massage because of her own battle with pain and resulting emotional turmoil. As a teenager, after years of pharmaceuticals that didn’t work, she found alternative therapies that turned her life around. Now, she owns MMTTC and Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy and lives a pain-free, joyful life, maintaining health through natural therapies – barefoot massage being one of them.

"I truly believe everyone can benefit from the right combination of healthy treatments, putting control back into their hands to live a life of joy. When I discovered Ashiatsu, I knew I could change many lives. Over the years, I have been touched and humbled by our clients who have transformed into healthy, happy individuals." 

Now, Sara wants to do the same for massage therapists. She sees many lose hope because their business is sporadic or they have physical pain from performing deep tissue massages that require more and more strength. She waded through the uncertainty of starting her own massage practice and wishes she had more help along the way.


Coaching Packages

Practice Growth Coaching with Sara Newberry, LMT, is $85 per hour on an hourly basis or you can purchase packages of hours, which is the recommended way to achieve lasting impact. Depending on how many hours you choose – 5, 10, 20, or 50 – the hourly rate decreases, making it very affordable with a greater return on your investment.

Business Set-up

Are you ready to go it alone? This is more for the therapist who is fresh out of school trying to navigate whether they want to go out on their own. Massage schools are notorious for awful business advice. This would be a great support for those trying to find the more “spiritual side” of business and grow a practice that reflects what they are trying to create in the world.


Income Generation

Frustrated with little or stagnant growth? This is for the therapist who has been in practice for a while and isn’t getting the results they were hoping for. Maybe you are stuck or feeling frustrated. Together, we will alleviate that frustration with practical and exciting ways to change and grow your practice.


Is your schedule full and you're wondering, "What's next?" This is for you! When your schedule is full, it can be tough to think about growth. But, without plans for growth, the future of your practice could suffer. This may be the time to create more abundance by considering adding a staff. We go over how to begin the process, set it in motion, and what structure is best for you and your business. This could also include growth in space or added services.

Expand Your Practice

You may feel like you’re out of ideas to grow your massage business, but we assure you – the opportunities are unlimited! By learning barefoot massage, Pillossage™, pregnancy massage, and our other specialties, you can continue to evolve and add value to your business and to your clients' lives. You can also start using your newly acquired skills with us.

As a graduate of Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center and our affiliate, Center for Barefoot Massage (CBM), you also have to opportunity for a paid internship and possible employment as a barefoot massage therapist at Sara's successful practice, Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy in Maplewood, Missouri. We sincerely want you to succeed and live the life of your dreams!

Switch to Feet Change Your Business

Through individual coaching with Sara, you will have that mentor who knows you and can help you interrupt mistakes before they happen while cheering you on in your successes. Once you make the switch to using your feet and sign up for practice growth coaching, your entire outlook can change. And so will your business. Do you:

  • Have a business plan and do you stick to it?
  • Work your plan or do you just show up every day?
  • Know how to market your services to new clients?
  • Have value-added products/services?
  • Act excited about what you do and stay positive with clients?
  • Want to add more therapists to your practice?
  • Struggle financially and it never seems to improve?
  • Stay enthusiastic when times are tough?
  • Feel alone, like nobody understands your struggles?
  • Hurt all the time from the physical strain to your hands, wrists, back?

Our coaching program can put hope back into your days and help you solve those issues listed above. Ultimately, having Sara as your coach can lower your stress level and bring joy and profitability to your career.

Custom Coaching

All Practice Growth Coaching is one-on-one and customized to you. Every person thinks differently, processes differently, and has their own outlook on life, their own reasons for becoming an LMT, and their own unique experiences.

During coaching, we will take your uniqueness and parlay that into a plan for success with techniques proven to work and grow your practice. During our coaching sessions, we will dig deep to find out who you are and what you want your massage practice will convey, then we can define your goals and teach you how to work a business plan that includes marketing and promotion.

We work on creating a practical budget and learn how to manage finances. These things don't sound like a lot of fun, but they can be and they definitely provide peace of mind going forward.

You'll also grow spiritually as you discover your true self as it relates to helping others as an LMT.

Paid Internship

After completing the FasciAshi FUNdamentals and FasciAshi Intermediate classes, you can begin to see clients at Sole Shine at our intern rate. You will be paid an hourly commission plus tips (lower than the employee rate). This is a great stepping stone option as you move toward employment. Think of student clinic when you were in massage school. The availability is small but the potential is magnificent. Clients who schedule with you will expect a near professional massage while paying a lower rate to receive a FasciAshi massage without committing to our packages.

  • You will have direct access to owner Sara and her talented lead therapists.
  • You will have the support and mentoring of other Ashi therapists.
  • We encourage and cheer you on as your feet become your new hands. 
  • You are paid to hone your barefoot massage techniques.

The Enjoyment of Employment

Working at Sole Shine will provide everything you need to excel using your feet. Here, we have a team of amazing therapists all dedicated to bringing barefoot massage to the masses. With the security of hourly pay plus tips and additional potential to earn more commission, we’re certain you’ll find our offer valuable.

We are diligently creating a safe and nurturing environment for our therapists to thrive and feel supported. Employment is nice because you don’t have to get bogged down with the details of running a business – we do that for you! You just come in, practice your art and play nice with the other teammates. We work together to collect and drive business, but there’s no heat if you’re not meeting specific numbers or deadlines. Numbers are important and they show us a nice picture but expectations are more emphasized.

  • You will have direct access to owner Sara and her talented lead therapists.
  • You will have the support of other Ashi therapists.
  • Hourly pay plus tips and the potential for extra commission equals security.
  • No business owner responsibilities.

If Employment is your ultimate goal, you will need to apply by sending your resume (including a history of initial massage schooling and all continuing education) and a letter explaining your philosophy and passion for massage therapy and why you were drawn to this profession. A short bio will also be needed for employment. Our students and interns are considered first but anyone with previous barefoot massage training can be considered. This option isn’t always available.

Room Rental

Do you live in the St. Louis area and just need a space to practice? You’re welcome to rent any of Sole Shine's 3 treatment rooms to begin your practice right away. We rent our rooms in 2, 4, 6, 8-hour increments at $25 per hour. However, we give a 50% discount for our MMTTC and CBM graduates. You will need to have everything set up through the state and city to be able to practice your business in our space.

Coaching for Success

Sara has been where you are and has created a successful barefoot massage practice from the ground up. She's passionate about barefoot massage being the future of massage therapy and loves helping LMTs earn success. She currently has a Facebook group for employers of LMTs and an amazing network of referral partners for other pieces of the pie. With help from Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center, your practice can be consistent and profitable by growing in a planned, strategic, and joyful way.

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