Benefits for You

FasciAshi Ends LMT Discomfort

Celebrate no more hand and wrist pain! Have you been a licensed massage therapist for a while and feel the strain in your hands, wrists, and back?

It is a common risk with our profession to find yourself out of business before you’re ready due to the physical strain. Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center offers an exciting, effective solution that can be incorporated into your current practice, help put an end to physical discomfort, and increase revenue for a long, happy LMT career – barefoot massage therapy.

Learning Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu, or FasciAshi, is the practice of barefoot massage. Barefoot massage is performed by gliding your bare feet on your clients’ bodies from above. This provides a soothing full-body, hands-free, deep tissue massage that includes myofascial release and trigger point work that goes deeper than any type of hands-on massage.

Learning barefoot massage from our caring, passionate, seasoned professionals at Midwest Massage Therapy will help you fall in love with your craft all over again! You will gain a newfound confidence and the knowledge to provide what each client needs specific to their physical and emotional issues and help facilitate their body's healing capabilities. They will love you for the experience and come back for more.


LMT Benefits of FasciAshi

Despite the best body mechanics, there is nothing that will stop the physical decline due to continual hands-on massage except Ashiatsu. Learning barefoot massage and incorporating it with your current modalities will not only protect you from pain and chronic posture issues, you’ll be invigorated and grow your business by giving amazing, unmatched results to your clients.

Barefoot massage is extremely beneficial for clients receiving it and for LMTs performing FasciAshi.

  • Freedom from hand, wrist, back pain and injury
  • A longer, more successful LMT career
  • More ways to be profitable
  • Consistency with clientele
  • The ability to offer techniques few others are offering
  • Separate yourself from the rest and build a following
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Empowerment and confidence
  • An abundance of options
  • Higher client satisfaction
  • More referrals
  • Create programs unique to your goals

Continuing Ed Classes

You have to get your CEUs anyway, why not invest in yourself and a long, profitable future? We love teaching – you will find a renewed energy from our classes that will surprise and delight you. They are fun, intuitive, and creative – never boring.

Our classes are full of enthusiasm and love for changing lives. We want to empower you to give your clients a therapeutic massage that puts them into a state of deep relaxation, healing, and meditation, while you save your body from strain and earn more income.

Customized FasciAshi Massage

In our array of specialty classes that you will not find anywhere else, you will learn how to be adventurous and create custom massage plans for each client. Do you need a sports massage for one and post-injury for another? You can do that!

You'll learn anatomy, research, trauma and emotional release as they relate to FasciAshi, and the best barefoot massage techniques combined from all over the world. We also teach you how to market your new services and really create a stir in your practice.

CEU Credits For Every State

Barefoot massage and other classes at Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center count toward your CEUs. LMTs come from all over America to take these unique classes and grow their practices. We offer FasciAshi FundamentalsFasciAshi IntermediateHands-Free (Seated) FasciAshiPregnancy Massage (no feet), Pillossage™, and Asian Theory. We also offer business coaching, paid internships, and potential employment to graduates of our training center.

We Welcome You

If you’re curious and want to add deeper meaning and skills to your career, join us to learn barefoot massage. It's no exaggeration when we say today could be the day you change your career and your life into dreams come true.

We’re here to support you every step of the way. We know you can do it! Be sure to check out our class schedule and sign up right away. Class size is limited.