Why Learn Barefoot Massage

Add Variety & Stop Injury

Are you exploring ways to add variety and income to your massage practice? Do you feel like you’re out of options? You are in the right place! We can help you transform your LMT career by adding barefoot massage to your practice, save your hands, wrists, and back from injury, and get your CEUs at Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center. The dream you had for your practice can become a reality starting today!

Barefoot Massage Classes

Many LMTs are afraid to try barefoot massage, thinking it's too hard, they'll lose their balance, or the clients will think it's strange. We assure you – none of that is true. You can learn different variations of hands-free barefoot massage, and with our one-of-a-kind classes and expert instruction, excel at it. And your clients will love you for it!

Our adventurous, intuitive classes offer thorough and unique barefoot massage or "FasiAshi" instruction, blending physical technique and spiritual connection, so you can provide a client experience like none other and grow your practice beyond your imagination. We know you can do it and we’re here to help every step of the way!


Longer LMT Career

When it comes to deep tissue massage, it can wreak havoc on your hands, wrists, and back, and affect the length and profitability of your practice. We want to see more LMTs have long, happy, successful careers helping their clients live better lives by incorporating hands-free barefoot massage or "Ashiatsu" into their current practices. This ancient Asian therapy is the answer to healing your sore hands and tired body while breathing new life into your career.

Grow Your Practice

Learning our version of Ashiatsu, or what we call FasciAshi, along with how to market your new technique, will help you grow, give you options, and change your world – it’s time to invest in yourself and save the career you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our mission is to help you cultivate confidence in business and technique to propel your practice from good to exceptional.

What You Will Learn

At Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center, you will be inspired physically and spiritually by learning a combination of techniques melded together for optimal FasciAshi results, best body mechanics, and theory of deep tissue barefoot massage. Our Asian Theory class is an excellent add-on to get into more detail about the philosophy and intricacies of how the East and West health models meet to inspire healing.

In all classes, we focus on anatomy, results-based proven research, how to handle trauma, emotional and spiritual growth, and ways in which you can empower your clients to live to their fullest potential while you grow your business and fulfill your own dreams. We teach you how to move into using your feet, how to use your feet with intent and creativity, and how to market and incorporate FasciAshi into your current practice to make sure you and your clients get the most from your new skills.

Benefits of Barefoot Massage

As a massage therapist, the benefits of learning FasciAshi add depth to your practice, protect your body, and give unmatched results to your clients. See why barefoot massage is becoming highly recognized by the health industry as extremely beneficial for those receiving it and for the LMTs giving FasciAshi massages.

  • Freedom from hand, wrist, and back injury
  • A longer LMT career
  • More ways to be profitable
  • The ability to offer techniques few others are offering
  • Separate yourself from the rest and build a following
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Empowerment and confidence
  • An abundance of Asian massage options
  • Exceptional client results that keep them coming back
  • Helping others live with freedom of mobility
  • Giving the gift of less stress and emotional well-being

Why Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center?

Not only is it fun, energizing, and inspiring, Owner Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB, has extensive, specialized training and years of experience in private practice in many modalities of Ashiatsu, pregnancy massage, Pillossage™, and has studied Asian Theory to make it all come together. She has taken great care to research and grow her own practice slow and steady, staying away from hype and utilizing practical business sense, and she shares that knowledge with her students.

Sara is a natural-born teacher. She has mentored and coached many LMTs to success and thrives on supporting them in any way she can. In her practice and teachings, Sara balances science and evidence-based research with her own experiences as a successful barefoot massage therapist and shares her personal spin on each technique. You will not find what Sara and her team teach anywhere else.

Sara headshot 2023

Requirements for FasciAshi

Our classes are open to all curious, growth-minded LMTs from around the country and count for CEUs that fulfill your state's requirements. We love teaching and partnering with our students for life. Our teaching goes beyond the classroom – our goal is to help LMTs have a long, happy, healthy career that's lucrative and progressive.

Exciting Class Offerings

At Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center, our goal is to give you an advantage on the business-side of your practice as well as with your technique and the therapy options you provide.

We love teaching and want to share our positivity with you! Get excited about your practice again and find the confidence to explore and grow with Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center.

No Online Ashi Classes

We believe that massage is about directly affecting and accessing the central nervous system (CNS) to calm the CNS and bring each client into repair mode through the parasympathetic nervous system (PSN). We don’t buy into online classes for something as intuitive as FasciAshi and are passionate about barefoot massage therapy creating a way for the body to heal itself.

“The integrity of the work should be reserved for live classes.”

Paid Internship & LMT Employment

As a graduate of Midwest Massage Therapy, you have first consideration for a paid internship, future employment, or room rental at the area's premier barefoot massage studio, Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy in Maplewood, Missouri. Sole Shine, owned by Sara Newberry, also offers small group and individual coaching and continued business consulting to help you achieve your dreams.

Explore Your Options Today

Are you ready to hit new heights and love massage therapy again? Our barefoot massage and other classes and techniques will take you places no other massage schools will go. We offer many unique areas of focus and help you transform your massage practice into something remarkable.

Take a look at our class schedule and CEUs and be sure to sign up today as class sizes are limited. We can't wait to meet you!