Hands-Free FasciAshi

Beginner Barefoot Massage Class

Are you a curious message therapist ready to learn more, grow your business, and give the most relaxing and deepest massage available without injury to your hands, wrists, and back? Then this fun, creative introduction course, Hands-Free Seated FashiAshi through Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center, is for you.

What is FasciAshi?

Ashiatsu, or FasciAshi barefoot massage, is a remarkable deep-tissue massage technique that promotes physical and emotional healing through total mind-body surrender. As a barefoot massage therapist, you will use your bare feet to perform massage.

Traditional FasiAshi uses the weight of gravity and the strength of your legs mixed with Ashiatsu safe and fluid techniques to glide on your client’s body from above (using overhead Ashiatsu bars) with such continuity, she will enter into a dream-like state while you loosen, lengthen, and smooth chronically tight fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Hands-Free seated FasciAshi works much the same way only without the bars on the ceiling. It's a wonderful way to start with FasciAshi and add it to your current hands-on massage therapy practice.

Why Seated FasciAshi?

With Seated FasciAshi, you can offer that same deep, fluid massage treatment as standing Ashi. During a traditional hands-on massage, you can employ trigger point work and fascia release with your feet and the strength of your legs without having to install a ceiling bar. This will help your clients who have chronically tight and unresponsive torsos realize better physical and emotional results while stopping injury to your hands, wrists, and back.

 Advance Your Practice with Seated FasciAshi

This fun and intuitive class, given in conjunction with the Center for Barefoot Massage, can advance your practice to the next level with more effective massage result and clients who return and tell others. Learning Ashiatsu will help you grow spiritually, physically, and financially and breathe new life into your practice while saving your hands, wrists, and back from injury.

What You Will Learn

Hands-Free Seated FasciAshi is for LMTs who have never done barefoot massage before and want an introduction to the technique. It is a great way to hone in on how to use your feet with confidence and fluidity on the anterior and posterior torso without having to install a bar.

  • In this class, you'll learn specific barefoot massage protocols for your client's upper body with them in prone, side-lying, and supine positions while you work from a seated position.
  • You will learn how to use different aspects of your feet and the weight of your legs as tools to apply deep tissue, trigger point, fascial stretch and release techniques in the cervical spine, thoracics and shoulder complex – in some cases massaging with your feet and hands simultaneously.
  • It is also a great technique for working around and under the scapula without having to put the clients’ hands behind their backs, as some clients can’t tolerate that motion.

This is a bar-less protocol that does not require the use of overhead Ashiatsu bars, and it allows you to remain seated the entire session.

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) will learn:
  • Theory of barefoot massage
  • Pedi-care
  • Contraindications and indications for barefoot massage
  • Appropriate body mechanics to stop injury and fatigue
  • How to use feet to provide a deep, therapeutic massage
  • Emphasis on deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point work
  • Strokes to create a barefoot massage sequence
  • How to market and incorporate barefoot massage into your practice
As a student, you will practice on and receive feedback from:
  • Therapists in class
  • Instructor(s)
  • A minimum of 2-3 class clients

What to Wear in Class

For FasciAshi Classes, wear comfortable clothes and knee pants that are soft and flexible. Please have warm socks/closed toe shoes/slippers on or bring them with you and have flip-flops that can get oily as well.

For other massage classes, wear comfortable clothing that you would normally wear to perform massage.

Clean Feet Please

Your pretty toes will be exposed in all FasciAshi classes. Be sure your feet are very clean and smooth and your nails are short. They must not smell and the heels and balls of your feet must be filed and smooth. No roughness, no fungi. Also, if you shave your legs, be sure there is no stubble.


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