Our Graduate Successes

Many LMTs are afraid to try barefoot massage. We assure you – it is not hard, it is not scary. It is fun and rewarding and freeing. It inspires a deeper meaning to what we do, like a beautiful dance that can be done by anyone willing to try. We are here to teach you how to have everything you dream of and help you get there. Our students and graduates humble us with their enthusiasm and love. See what they have to say here.

“Everyone here was awesome! The knowledge was so helpful and I cannot wait to use this modality for the public! Thank you!”

“I wouldn’t change a thing! Everything, especially Sara, was awesome!”

“This is exactly what I needed. This is BY FAR the best class I have taken since I’ve been a massage therapist since 2004.”

“I loved everything about the course. Amazing instructor and course material!”

“I loved everything about the course. Amazing instructor and course material!”

“This was so thorough! Watching, receiving, teaching, doing, all wonderful ways to make sure we all have a chance to learn and comprehend. Thank you for your patience and sharing your knowledge and passion to elevate our industry.”

“This is by far the best class I have taken and am so excited to begin practicing this modality!”

“My feet are my best friend.”

“It was a very technical class with lots of material to cover. I think you did an amazing job! Thank you!”

“My feet feel so alive! This work is so energizing and therapeutic for my own body- feels like pilates.”

“Sara is AMAZING! She created an excellent learning environment. Her quality and passion for the subject is so evident and her kindness and support are much appreciated. This is truly a life changing opportunity and career extending path that I’m so grateful to have discovered.”

“I really enjoyed the flow and structure of the class from day one to day three. I also love Sara’s direct, but kind, down to earth and free spirited personality.”

“...I enjoyed my instructor, actually from the floor, grabbing my foot and showing me how it should flow or be. Thank you times a million!”

“The course was eye opening. So excited to try my new technique on clients and to continue growing my practice as a massage therapist. Thank you for helping me extend my career!”

“This was so great! I can’t wait to take more classes and learn so much more!”

“I was so comfortable in this class. All my questions were answered and explained without making me feel less of a therapist. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the detail of technique- great!”

We Welcome You

If you’re curious and want to add deeper meaning and skills to your career, join us to learn barefoot massage. It's no exaggeration when we say today could be the day you change your career and your life into dreams come true.

We’re here to support you every step of the way. We know you can do it! Be sure to check out our class schedule and sign up right away. Class size is limited.