FasciAshi Intermediate

Beginner Barefoot Massage Class

You have had the FasciAshi Fundamentals introduction to barefoot massage at Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center (or CBM) and have been practicing for a while. You’ve seen the remarkable results in yourself and your clients and want to learn more, shake up your routine, and get to the next level of FasciAshi technique. This is the class for you!

Go Deeper With Barefoot Massage

As LMTs, most of our clients suffer from muscle imbalances and chronic pain and injuries that, when not fully addressed, disrupt their entire lives. If you’ve been practicing barefoot massage on these clients, then you know the depth of release and the incredible benefits they are feeling from FasciAshi. Now, with FasciAshi Intermediate, you will learn how to go even deeper and into new areas of the body with new barefoot massage techniques.

What You Will Learn

FasciAshi Intermediate is for you if you are an LMT practicing barefoot massage and want to expand your capabilities and hone your technique.

With FasiAshi Intermediate, you will learn how to use new strokes and different areas of your feet in multi-faceted directions, learn how to hold trigger points longer, and massage the supine and side body with gliding strokes.

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) will learn:
  • Be empowered to maintain longer trigger-point holds
  • Deliver deep, gliding strokes to anterior and lateral body parts
  • Supine and side-body strokes offer a comprehensive “feet-on” practice
  • Work your feet in multi-faceted directions
  • Add new strokes into your deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point work
  • Learn contraindications and indications for these new barefoot massage techniques
  • Shake up your routine and offer another level of service to your clients
  • Creative expression with FasciAshi
As a student, you will practice on and receive feedback from:
  • Therapists in class
  • Instructor(s)
  • A minimum of 2-3 class clients

Confidence For Full-Body FasciAshi

This class will give you the confidence to use your new barefoot massage skills to help clients experience even more physical, emotional, and spiritual results with your full-body barefoot massage services.

This course, given in conjunction with the Center for Barefoot Massage, will give you specialized techniques that set you apart from other LMTs, add depth to your practice, and help your practice grow to even greater heights than before. Excite your spirit with FasciAshi Intermediate!

Why FasciAshi Intermediate at MMTTC?

What you learn in our classes is not taught by anyone else. Owner Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB, and her partners at Center for Barefoot Massage, have years of barefoot massage experience and are leading the industry in research while combining deep therapeutic work with relaxing spa-like sessions.

Sara has her own successful barefoot massage practice and continually researches and uses results-based energy work and scientific-based modalities to sort through what's hype and what's truly effective. She adds her own unique spin and shares secrets of her success in her classes. Learning FasciAshi Intermediate rounds out your ability to offer a true full-body – not just torso – deeply therapeutic barefoot massage.


What to Wear in Class

For FasciAshi Classes, wear comfortable clothes and knee pants that are soft and flexible. Please have warm socks/closed toe shoes/slippers on or bring them with you and have flip-flops that can get oily as well.

For other massage classes, wear comfortable clothing that you would normally wear to perform massage.

Clean Feet Please

Your pretty toes will be exposed in all FasciAshi classes. Be sure your feet are very clean and smooth and your nails are short. They must not smell and the heels and balls of your feet must be filed and smooth. No roughness, no fungi. Also, if you shave your legs, be sure there is no stubble.


Sign Up Today

We can’t wait to see you and help you get to the next level of Ashiatsu with confidence and joy! No matter what state you live in, our classes are open to any LMT and count toward your state's CEU requirements.

Go to our class calendar to find out how many CEUs are given for each class and be sure to sign up online today as class sizes are limited.