FasciAshi Fundamentals

Beginner Barefoot Massage Class

Are you excited to try something new in your LMT practice? If you are looking for a way to offer more to your clients, grow your business, stop injuring your hands, wrists, and back by only using your upper body, and learn a remarkable technique that promotes physical and emotional healing, this beginner barefoot massage class, or FasciAshi, is a perfect choice.

What is FasciAshi?

Ashiatsu, or FasciAshi barefoot massage, is the perfect marriage of pressure and relaxation, leading clients to total mind-body surrender within the first few minutes. Because you use your feet to perform the massage, they are able to get into a trance-like state with no distractions and dead air time from changing sides or lifting of hands to move around.

The weight of gravity and the strength of your legs, mixed with the Ashiatsu safe and fluid technique, will put clients into a dream-like state that allows their bodies to give in and respond like never before.

How FasciAshi is Performed

FasciAshi is performed when you glide on a client's back holding bars on the ceiling for balance, and use our clean, soft feet in a stream of flowing strokes that loosen, lengthen, and smooth chronically tight fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Since this is a beginner class, you will learn how to use your feet first, then work up to standing and gliding position.

What You Will Learn

FasciAshi Fundamentals is for LMTs who have never done barefoot massage before. It is the starting point for all beginners of barefoot massage.

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) will learn:
  • Theory of barefoot massage
  • How to blend it with hands-on massage
  • Pedi-care
  • Contraindications and indications for barefoot massage
  • Appropriate body mechanics to stop injury and fatigue
  • Safe bar installation
  • How to use feet to provide a therapeutic massage
  • Emphasis on deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point work
  • Strokes to create a barefoot massage sequence
  • How to market and incorporate barefoot massage into your practice
As a student, you will practice on and receive feedback from:
  • Therapists in class
  • Instructor(s)
  • A minimum of 2-3 class clients

Creative Expression with FasciAshi

This fun and enlightening class, given in conjunction with the Center for Barefoot Massage, will give you specialized skills that add depth to your practice and help you grow physically, spiritually, and financially while saving your hands, wrists, and back from injury. As a beginner, we encourage creative expression with your barefoot massage and hope to inspire you to explore further instruction and practice.

Learn FasciAshi Marketing

At Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center, you are our #1 priority. We want you to walk away excited, empowered, and ready to provide your clients the best barefoot massage therapy available. We don't just teach you and leave you to figure out how to move forward – we make sure you understand how to market FasciAshi and offer additional business coaching to give you a solid foundation moving forward.

You're Worth It

Investing in yourself and your practice is important. If you love what you do but feel like you're in a rut or starting to feel the physical strain of deep tissue massage therapy, there is no time to wait.

Hands-free barefoot massage can be added to your current techniques, solve numerous practice issues, and get you excited for a long, profitable LMT practice.

Owner Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB, also owns Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy, a successful massage practice that proves barefoot massage can be profitable with a consistent clientele. She joyfully shares her wisdom, passion, and talents with her students and believes in the future of LMTs' success.


What to Wear in Class

For FasciAshi Classes, wear comfortable clothes and knee pants that are soft and flexible. Please have warm socks/closed toe shoes/slippers on or bring them with you and have flip-flops that can get oily as well.

For other massage classes, wear comfortable clothing that you would normally wear to perform massage.

Clean Feet Please

Your pretty toes will be exposed in all FasciAshi classes. Be sure your feet are very clean and smooth and your nails are short. They must not smell and the heels and balls of your feet must be filed and smooth. No roughness, no fungi. Also, if you shave your legs, be sure there is no stubble.


Get Your CEUs & Feel Empowered

At Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center, all of our classes count toward CEUs in all states. Go to our schedule to find out how many hours of CEUs are given for each class and be sure to sign up online today as class sizes are limited.

Feel empowered and look forward to a long, happy, successful massage practice with barefoot massage. We can't wait to meet you!