Why Learn Barefoot Massage?

Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center

One thing is for sure – learning barefoot massage and other specialized massage techniques at Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center is different than anywhere else. Our classes are fun, high-energy and spiritual, creative and science-based, intuitive and empowering, and will open your world to a healthy, exciting, long-term successful LMT future. We have seen the benefits of what we teach and they are truly life-changing. We want that for you!


Why Choose MMTTC?

Our desire to make this career easier on LMTs is what drives us. We know how hard this profession can be, the ups and downs, the physical strain, and the business challenges. We also know many LMTs who feel like they're alone trying to make it – we are here to change that with unique techniques, valuable tools, and ongoing, caring support.

Our continuing education classes can add years to your practice by eliminating hand, wrist, and back injury, providing the best massage therapy possible to your clientele, and turning your new skills into consistent revenue. Our purpose is true and our passion is infinite!

Our Focus Is You

Our main focus is you! Saving your hands, wrists, and back from injury and helping you transform your LMT career with our continuing education classes and a forever support system is our goal.

Our mission is to teach you barefoot massage and other massage techniques in a fun yet professional learning-based environment. We want you to leave with the confidence and knowledge to help your clients begin to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually like never before.

Promote Healing & Hope

Additionally, we want to spark your own healing and inspire hope in your future as an LMT. The benefits of learning barefoot massage from Midwest Massage Therapy go beyond fulfilling CEUs – you will realize endless health benefits and practice growth opportunities.

  • Freedom from hand, wrist, back pain, injury
  • A longer, healthier LMT career
  • More ways to be profitable
  • Consistency with clientele
  • The ability to offer techniques few others are offering
  • Separate yourself from the rest and build a following
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Empowerment and confidence
  • An abundance of massage options
  • Business assistance and continued support

Distinctive Instruction

At Midwest Massage Therapy, you will enjoy learning from instructors who are also in private practice and have years of Eastern massage experience. We're not simply teaching from a book – our classes are fun, intuitive, and full of in-depth information that can only come from experience and results-based research. You will not get the kind of focused, individual, and proprietary instruction you get from us anywhere else.

Owner Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB, has extensive experience and various forms of training in many modalities of FasciAshi, pregnancy massage, Pillossage™, Asian theory, and other techniques. She takes great care in conducting extensive research and has grown slow and steady, staying away from the hype and utilizing practical business sense. She is kind, passionate, and energetic and loves to share her special perspective in her classes.

Because she has a successful barefoot massage practice that she built from the ground up, she shares her expertise and puts her own spin on what she teaches, giving you the added advantage of learning from someone who has been there, done that.

Sara headshot 2023

Sara Newberry

  • LMT since 2008
  • Ashiatsu therapist since 2011
  • No longer does hands-on massage
  • Owns & Operates Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center and Somatic Sole Barefoot Massage Therapy in St. Louis, MO
  • Mom to 4 kids
  • Hobbies include: cooking, reading, hiking

Added Benefits of MMTTC

By learning and implementing our distinctive FasciAshi barefoot massage therapies, you can elevate your massage practice to new heights and not have to do it alone. We offer our full support along the way. In fact, as a graduate of Midwest Massage Therapy, you also have first consideration for a paid internship, future employment, or room rental at Sara's practice, Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy in Maplewood, Missouri. Sole Shine also offers small group and individual coaching.

Investing in You

We know it's a big deal to invest time and money into classes – we believe investing in you means investing in your health and the future of your career. Once you learn barefoot massage or FasciAshi, pregnancy massage, Pillossage™, and any of our other techniques, you will be able to help your clients begin to heal dramatically in ways that will keep them coming back for more and telling others. You can recover your investment quickly in so many areas of your practice. We believe in you and are here to help you change your future. You can do it!

There's No Time Like Right Now

Join us for a FasciAshi class, pregnancy massage class, or any of our other specialized massage classes and set yourself apart for a long healthy career. There's no time like today, right now, to take that leap and do something amazing for yourself and those you serve in your practice. Class sizes are limited so check out our class calendar now and go for it!