Intro to Eastern Theory

Intro to Eastern Theory

Are you curious about how Eastern influence has helped shape the massage industry and why it's important to what you do every day as an LMT? Hands-on massage, Ashiastu, and various forms of Asian massage play a huge role in balancing and creating harmony between physical health and emotional well-being. In Asian cultures, we are one with nature – there is no distinction between physical and spiritual harmony in health.

In this enlightening, proprietary Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center class, you will learn the history and theory behind this harmony and how you can help your clients live their best lives through different types of massage therapy, including barefoot massage, and self-care beyond the massage table. You will leave feeling empowered and excited about going forward with new information that adds value to your practice and helps your clients get to new levels of relief and relaxation.

Help Clients Find Balance

It’s no surprise that the East has had a great influence on massage therapy. In this class, you’ll get a taste of how the mindset of Asian Theory is unique to our massage therapy techniques and the teachings in the West. By taking this class, you will have a better understanding of the spiritual benefits of hands-on massage and FasciAshi and how to help your clients find their balance in a stress-filled world.

The lasting benefits of your knowledge, extra client care, and expanding massage techniques will keep them coming back for more and they'll tell others. There is no greater feeling as an LMT than knowing you're making a real difference in people's lives by helping their bodies open up to the healing process – both physically and emotionally.

What You Will Learn

This is not a technique class but a lecture class. This will explain the theories behind the cultures of the East. This class covers the differences between our Western & Eastern ideologies of health and healing. We briefly discuss meridians and why/how they can be used in massage therapy (both hands on or barefoot massage).

Learning Asian Theory will round-out and help all the other massage classes and techniques come together so you can apply a deeper level of the spiritual aspect to your practice.

  • How meridians can be considered in your treatments
  • How the East approaches healthcare
  • Incorporate Asian bodywork into your practice
  • Learn about trigger points, acupressure, Ashiatsu, Thai massage, yoga influence
  • Delve into the mind/body balance of Asian wellness

Eastern Massage Understanding

This enlightening class, only available at Midwest Massage Therapy Training Center in St. Louis, is given by highly-experienced and educated Sara Newberry, LMT, NCBTMB. She owns MMTTC and her own successful barefoot massage practice and has in-depth knowledge of Asian Theory.

The insight you will gain from this class can guide you in your practice to a higher level of understanding of how the central nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system work in conjunction to promote healing through Eastern therapies. Knowing Asian Theory is highly useful to bring clients into a mind-body symmetry that can provide better massage results.


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Asian Theory class is a great way to bring your focus back to why we do what we do to make our clients happy and healthy with continued mobility. This is a lecture class for LMTs with no hands-on application.

Go to our schedule now to find out how many CEU hours are given for this class and be sure to sign up online today.